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The 7x10, 7x12 and 7x14 sieg c2 mini lathes tetralite. One thing that sets this brand of lathe apart from the siegmade lathes. I did some useful work on the sieg sc4comet vs lathe in the uk before i retired to thailand including making the front and back wheels for a 34. Be sure to add the 1n4001 diode across the relay coil. Features such as the electric variable speed control, manual or powered leadscrew feed and an extensive range of accessories. Axminster sieg c1 micro lathe mk2 user manual pdf download.

The new direction relays contacts must be capable of handling the power requirements of the dc motor in the lathe. Try this link link the workshop practice book would probably be a good buy for you. Be sure to read and understand the safety guidelines presented in. Buy high quality and affordable sieg lathe via sales. C3 minilathe dismantling and reassembly guide arc euro trade. Disassembling the cj0618 7x12 lathe, cleaning, and troubleshooting duration. Constructed with cast iron giving great rigidity precision vee bed with ground slide ways metric and imperi. Page 4 unmodified plugs and matching out lets will reduce risk of electric shock. C3 minilathe lathe milling machine model engineering. This mini lathe is an excellent choice for entering the world of model engineering. In comparison to the sc2, the sieg lathe c4 is larger on all margins. In development for some time, the c8 has now joined siegs growing family of machine tools.

As a specialist of c3 mini lathe, sieg can offer you comprehensive selections of goods in this industry. Operators instruction instructions with parts as exploded component pictures and wiring diagrams. Be sure to read and understand the safety guidelines presented in this book before using your mini lathe. Supplement to sieg sc4 instruction manual revised fenichel. I went to look at one at paramount browns today, apart from the fact it does look like a toy compare with all the other lathes they had on display, it seemed quite well made. Sieg al30 sieg c2 mini bench lathe 180 x 300mm turning. After sitting in a freight depot on the mainland for over week it arrived on a delivery truck last friday. There is a choice of aftermarket er collet chucks and at least one 4jaw chuck. Manual see pages 3150 axminster tool centre, unit 10 weycroft avenue, axminster, devon ex 5ph uk. The sieg c3 mini lathe is currently one of the most popular small lathes available to model engineers today. If you go to the arceurotrade website you can see 2 pdf files of dave fenners article on setting up a c3 mini lathe, published in mew no 3 was the start of a series on using the mini lathe, now published as a book in the workshop practice series.

If you go to the arceurotrade website you can see 2 pdf files of dave fenners article on setting up a c3 minilathe, published in mew no 3 was the start of a series on using the minilathe, now published as a book in the workshop practice series. View and download axminster sieg c1 micro lathe mk2 user manual online. The wider bolt pattern is for the 7x12 lathe, while the. The spindle has a through bore of 20mm and an mt3 taper whilst the camlock tailstock taper is mt2. Bed length, on a centre lather the length of the bed is measured by the distance between a dead centre in the headstock and the. A machinist with access to another lathe would have no trouble in fitting alternative small chucks, though be aware that most of the low priced small chucks available are more trouble than they. Although we dont stock a complete inventory of spare parts, we do normally carry the parts that you are likely to break or wear out. Searching for affordable sieg lathe in tools, lathe, power tool accessories, tool holder. Axminster model engineer series c2300 mini lathe engineering. It is the single most popular compact lathe worldwide.

The sc2 is a newer version, with a digital rpm readout. Sieg c2106 m414 screw free shipping sieg c2 lathe accessory. Or b place the lathe in slings as suggested in the manual, but then attach these to a. Supplement to the instruction manual supplied with the sieg sc4. I liked the accuracy of the lathe and the variable speed drive but there was one characteristic that i didnt. Recently, a manager at their plant advised me that their engineers have been intensely at work developing an improved motor drive both for the mini lathe and the minimill. It is a 10x21 class lathe, similar to the standard 9x20 but slightly larger and generally better made, although not as popular which sometimes is a disadvantage as the modification and parts are not always as available. I own an al60 lathe with milling attachment, also known as a grizzly g0516 or sieg c6 sieg m2 with milling attachment. The sieg sc8 is a tad longer than id prefer, but it has several very nifty features that appeal to me, such as a cross slide drive, dual drive screws and mt2 tailstock so i can use the collection of live centers and chucks ive accumulated for the grizzly and my hf 7x14 mini lathe. Marketed mainly for the hardcore home machinist, the c8 would. Sieg c2 mini lathe 8x8mm carbide tipped 11pcs lathe tool set 8mm parting off tool key type drill chuck, bmm mt2b16 drill chuck arbor hss drill bit 16mm 51pcs set, 0. Recently arrived at world headquarters is the new sieg c8 lathe.

Techsoft 2d design v2 and the sieg kc6s make the job crystal clear at all stages. Accessories ctdck3225315 lathe centre drill kit of 3 hss 2mm 2. From inquiry to clients usage of siegsc2 mini lathe, we promise to offer you superior service. Sieg c3 minilathe and home metalworking hobby introduction. I soon discovered that metalworking is an new hobby. Five years ago i purchased a sieg c3 chester uk 7x12 minilathe for the purpose of making small metal parts for my astronomy hobby. Axminster offer two versions in pale grey, described as the sieg sc2 and sieg c2a. Ive been turying to turn down a part in aluminium today and have found a somewhat serious issue with my c3 lathe. If anyone does have a c3, how well does it cut threads into steel.

Be sure to read and understand the safety guidelines presented in this book before. A c1, the chester variety, was my first lathe 4 years ago as a 50th birthday present to myself along with an x1 mill. This users guide covers care and operation of the sieg c3 7x14 mini lathe. The sieg c3 mini lathe is currently one of the most popular small. A remove the bench top and place it onto the floor. The truck had a front mounted crane and with two sling under the pallet the lathe was offloaded and placed neatly on planks and rollers we had placed outside the entrance to my garage workshop. Since i first started reporting on mini lathes, back in 1999, sieg has steadily improved the quality, safety and features. Sieg provide a fuerda three jaw chuck and offer accessory faceplates. Position the lathe on the bench top then manually lift with many helpers up onto the bench frame. The lathe comes supplied with 80mm diameter three jaw selfcentring chuck, tailstock centre and service tools.

Sieg sc4 lathe top slide problems and improvements. The c3 has a swing of 180mm 90mm centre height and is 350mm between centres. This manual provides critical safety instructions on the proper setup, operation, maintenance, and service of this machinetool. Compare prices on sieg lathe shop best value sieg lathe. Refer to the parts list and diagram at the end of this manual for complete part number listings and locations. The wider bolt pattern is for the 7x12 lathe, while the narrower bolt pattern is for the 7x10 lathe. If your lathe didnt come with them, adding chip tray braces part number 28 spreads the feet by several inches and makes the lathe much steadier. Perfect introduction to metal turning small and lightweight, fits anywhere cast iron and steel construction electric variable speed control manual or powered leadscrew. To become proficient in using the lathe, the operator should seek indepth training using reference books, resources available. The topslide is a pita and i use small qctp in place of the original boat holder. Sieg sc3 lathe ok, i am sure that if you are reading this, you are at least vaguely familiar with tools and will have an idea of the reputation of chinese machine tools and even chinese tools in general.

Sku 45861 for technical questions, please call 18004443353. If you can strip clean and adjust it they are not a bad little lathe. Page 1 sieg sc6 variable speed lathe 951542 mill attachment for the sc6 lathe. Bigger and badder than the c4 and even the c6, the c8 could well be classified as a light industrial lathe. Sieg has wide range of c3 mini lathe best seller c2 mini.

All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a topquality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper. Sieg 7x12 minilathe free tips, guides, projects on. The premier source of parts and accessories for mini. In manual mode, it may be used to change the spindle direction as usual. Before shipping, siegslathe machine are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage. Clearly the best option designing parts and outputting to a cnc lathe can be tricky. User manual the purpose of this manual is to familiarize the lathe operator with the installation and controls of the machine and basic lathe procedures.

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